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Mack Inspired is a rapidly growing, privately owned sales and marketing firm. As one of the few teams in the Kansas City market that specializes in retail customer acquisition, we are in the position to experience fast-paced growth.

Mack Inspired was founded to bring back the personal touch to sales and marketing. While everyone is trying to make an impact in the marketing world with social media and advertisements, we still believe that the best way to build relationships is face-to-face.


Mack Inspired puts company culture above all else. We have found great success with our upbeat, competitive, and supportive work environment. Those that have fun, feel appreciated, and have a supportive community are happier at work and get better results.

"If you want to grow a business, grow your people and they will grow the business. Because we have such a heavy focus on developing the people in our business we not only created an amazing culture but also a winning team"

- Patrick Kilgore 




Patrick Kilgore

President and Founder

“Stop being afraid of what could go wrong, and start being excited of what could go right.”  -Tony Robbins


Patrick Kilgore was born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri. He attended Haskell University where he received a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration. He was also involved with the football team where he was a first-string running back.


Growing up, Patrick’s father was a business owner, and Patrick always knew that was the path that he wanted to pursue as well. Not only this, but he knew he wanted to find a career that allowed him to travel, work with great people, and have freedom of time and money. Patrick always knew he wanted to start a business. Through this company, he has gained life long friends, traveled across the country and followed in his father's footsteps.


Outside of work, Patrick is a huge sports fan and enjoys supporting his favorite teams the Chiefs, Royals, and Kansas University. He also enjoys hanging out with family and friends and traveling any chance he gets.

“Success is not counted by how high you have climbed but by how many people you brought with you.” - Dr. Wil Rose

Hali was born in St. Louis, Missouri, and lived in southeast Florida for ten years before moving back to the suburbs of St. Louis. Growing up, she spent a lot of her time visiting Kansas City, where most of her family lived, on weekends, and during holidays. She attended Vatterott College in downtown St. Louis where she earned her degree in audio engineering and production with a minor in management.

Looking to move closer to her family in the Kansas City area, and further her professional experience, she found an open position at Mack Inspired. After doing some research about the company and reading about their values and principals she was intrigued and set out on the application and interview process.

The time and energy that is poured into each individual for both professional and personal development is something that Hali admits has always been a very exciting part of working at Mack Inspired. She is excited about the development and growth opportunities, incredible team culture, and ambitious expansion plans the company has. 

Some of her hobbies and interests outside of work include gardening, baking, spending time with her family, being in the great outdoors, and staying active.


Hali Dunn

Human Resources


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